Things Every Car Needs to Have in the Glovebox or Trunk


As car people it should come as a no brainer for us to have a list of things that every car should have either in the trunk or glovebox in case of emergency. However, you would be incredibly surprised to know how many people don’t even carry a spare tire! It is for this specific reason we put together the “beginners” guide to emergency car kits.

  • A functional spare tire and tools to change a flat.
    • Having a spare with no tools won’t do you much good, neither will a spare with no air so check your spare often! Also, carry around some flares and reflective road hazard triangles in case you get a flat or breakdown at night.
  • An atlas.
    • So many people are accustomed to having GPS at their fingertips these days they might not even know how to use a proper map, but it’s good to have when your phone dies and you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere.
  • A working watch/clock.
    • This is similar to the GPS. Everybody has a digital clock in their pocket and on their dash, why need another? For emergencies! Buy an affordable yet reliable Fossil and put it in the glovebox. Worst case scenario, you have a never used Fossil when you sell the car.
    • You can never have too many flashlights in a car. You may need them to signal for help or do nighttime maintenance. Regardless, pack some lights and extra batteries.
  • Fire Extinguisher
    • This is one that not a lot of people really carry around because they are so seldomly needed. If you roll with certain crowds like 4x4s, it could come in handy, but it’s never bad to have!
  • External battery/ Emergency pack
    • These can be a little pricey but invaluable on longer journeys. If you are planning to do a road trip or anything where you might be far from civilization for long, it’s a great investment.

If you know any young drivers who may be getting their first car, consider helping them put together their own emergency roadside kit. It’s always better to be safe and have it and not need it than not have it and be stuck!