Human growth Hormones as Creams


Human growth hormones are one of the potent chemical our body produces. Sometimes, due to deficiency or injury, the release is reduced. Thus, synthetic manufacture of this drug to replace the quantity in our body was made. But, Human Growth Hormones have more advantages to normal people too. In a human body, they are responsible for strengthening bones and building muscles. Hence, our body builders have used this drug as an advantage to increase the growth of muscles in their body. Now, human growth hormonal drugs are available in the form of pills, creams and sprays. The usage depends on many factors such as gender, absorption capacity and many more.

Like said previously, there are many products and brands available in the market based on Human Growth Hormone drug. Thus, it has become confusing to find out which product will show effect on our body. Basically, in every human being and animals, this hormone is generated by pituitary gland is absorbed by the blood. If there is a shortage of this hormone, then complications related to height, weak bones, muscle wasting and reduction in the rate of metabolism might occur. Thus, human growth hormonal pills are used as a remedy.

HGH for Body Building:

If you want to use human growth hormones for body building, then there are various options available. You can experiment with skincare products and creams. In fact creams are the safest type of remedy, because they do not effect internally, but show promising results. Make a look out or the cream which has list of amino acids, anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals. Although one applies it from exterior, the absorption rate of this cream is high. There are number of creams available in the market which you can buy on the counter or through online sources.

HGH as creams:

The results may vary. In order to see the results, you may have to use them continuously for long span of time. Secondly, they may not be as effective as an injection or pills. Since, the body takes its own time to absorb from skin and act on the pituitary gland. Many factors get involved with the usage of human growth hormone as a cream, such as thickness of the skin, age, gender (usually female skin is less thicker than male skin) and lastly side-effects of cream. Some people are allergic to certain type of chemicals; they might get signs of rashes or itchiness. The synthetic use of human growth hormone does not replace the naturally produced human growth hormone. In fact, it just increases the level of hormone in the body.

If you are interested to try these creams, make sure you consult your dermatologist before use. Since, the effect on skin can be seen instantaneously and may last long. However, the result of Human Growth hormones will not be as fast as you expect. The creams have blend of ingredients and applying the right quantity and in the right places are very important. Many experts claim that they Human growth hormones are most effective with injection only. Do your own research and consult your doctor before use.