Where do we get Deer antler supplements?


The Deer antler supplements have become quite popular these days. There is a reaction to learn the association between deer antler velvet and testosterone. After all, we need to find out how the antlers of deer have something to do with the most well known male hormone.

It is said that the supplement contains some growth factors and that is why people and wanting to know more and more about it.

Deer Antler Velvet Reviews

If you get a chance to enjoy a close view of deer antlers during summers, you might notice that they are covered with fuzzy substances. Not only does the fuzz happen on deer, but it is same for caribou, elk, and moose! The term velvet antler is only used to explain pre-calcified growth stages of cartilage growth. Recently, a number of countries have increased the collection of the product and development of deer velvet in UK, China, New Zealand, Canada and USA. These are not made after harming any animal whatsoever.

The Chinese medicinal name of velvet deer antler is Lu Rong. It is given to people who have imbalances of yin and yang, and focuses on the yang deficiencies. Yin and yang in Chinese refers to the balance in respect of physical health and wellness. Yang is the positive and active force while yin is negative and has a passive force.

The number of deficiencies from yang can relate to mental conditions, physical health, wellness, body functions and energy. These supplements do have several forms and is long used in Chinese medicines for enhancing circulation, treat low back ache, help digest food, and promote more aspects like wellness and libido. For centuries, deer and elk antler velvet is used as an aphrodisiac in Asian cultures due to the beneficial components including insulin like growth factors one and two, along with amino acids, glycoproteins, and hormones. The use of the drug is nothing new and it has been studies by medical communities around the world for decades with different results.

How to Buy Deer Antler Supplements?

The supplements for sale and found in several forms. In China it is sliced or powdered with velvet antlers and is still used for making several soups. It is common to cultivate different parts of the used supplements. In the Western culture, they are known and sold as dried, powdered or extracted and sold in liquid or capsules. As there are components that seem to work, the deer antler supplement use has got popularity as a hormone and is especially a common testosterone booster which is mixed with other boosters.

These, along with most other boosters of testosterone don’t contain the main hormone but is designed for bettering the production of the hormone with the support of pituitary glandular. The gland is responsible for the functioning and maintenance of hormonal glands and secretion and that includes the testes.

When your brain senses that there is a low level of testosterone, the gland sends message to these testes through a signal messenger like luteinizing hormone for increasing the production of testosterone. Deer antlers are the supplement contains some growth factors and that would help you improve the level of your required hormone.