Delicacies of South India


Food is the most essential thing for any living organism which is absolutely essential for survival. Only air and water are probably more important for our survival than food. Hunger is the main motivation that drives all living organisms. Nobody wants to be hungry and sleep in an empty stomach. Food is absolutely essential for our survival. An adequate amount of food is required for our overall growth and development. Food cannot be replaced by anything else at least not until we learn to perform photosynthesis ourselves which does not seem to be happening anytime soon.

The three main constituents of food are carbohydrate protein and fat. In recent times, human diet has become very complex and insanely complicated. It is no longer just about filling your empty stomach. Food is now a lot more than that. We have come a long way from being simple hunter gatherers. Food for us now not only has to be nutritious but it has to make out taste buds tingle and our food also has to look appetising. Plating has become a very important part of food now. The way a particular food is presented has a lot of impact on the type of reviews the dish receives.

India is a land where diversity is the norm. It is no different for food. The dishes prepared all over India are highly variable. There are several types of cuisines available throughout India. Here we are going to talk about the delicacies of south India in particular. Straight out the one that deserves special mention is sambarvadi. It is a delicious dish that has originated in South India. You can find sambar vadi recipe in Hindi just by doing a simple online searching. My advice would be to follow the recipe you find and cook this particular dish. I can more or less guarantee that you would not be disappointed with the results. There are several other delicacies and among them the most popular and widely known one is most probably the Dhosa. Dhosa is dish which is very common throughout India but originated in south India. Dhosa comes in various shapes and sizes and there are numerous varieties of Dhosa available readily in restaurants. Idli is another food that is very popular and originated in south India.

South India’s gift to the rest of the culinary world is the Hyderabadi Biriyani. This is more or less the best biriyani that money can buy. The rich taste of this dish would leave you floored and you would rue the fact that you cannot eat more than a certain amount, at a time. It is definitely worth taking a trip to the southern parts of India just to experience first-hand the amazing dishes that different places in these regions have to offer. The people are cordial as well which just adds to the charm. Describing the delicacies in words is never possible. When you eat them yourself you would know what you were missing out till today. So just pack your bags and take a trip through the southern part of India enjoying the local delicacies on offer.