What Deer Antler Actually Claims


As we all are aware proposition of our body fitness depends on the 2 main components i) – body fat, which is the type of fat that is accumulated by the body ii) Lean mass or fat free mass that includes bone, water, muscles and tissues. This type of tissue is responsible for burning all calories in our body round the clock. The more the 2nd type of component percentage in the person, the person is said to be highly healthy and active. Deer antler is believed to be developed from the antlers of deer that are clipped and harvested before they grow intothe bones. Along with several other medicinal benefits, this product mainly aims to increase the lean mass muscle in the body, thus helping to boost the health of an individual

How does the deer antler mechanism work

Deer antler is said to have Insulin like growth factor or IGF-1 component which is responsible for  building lean muscles. Apart from this it also has fatty acids – Omega 3 and Omega 6 , numerous amino acids and some minerals that are effective in building lean muscles. The primary component Insulin serves as a form of transportation for glucose to the body’s cells. This component is believed to increase blood flow and also improve kidney functioning and treat a variety of muscle related diseases.  This deer antler comes in the form of sprays and pills. The main growth factor IGF-1 is the main component used to promote growth and produce better effects on body composition in our body. This component is high and proves very effective if extracted from young deer antlers. When harvested at an early stage, this vital magic is claimed to work on its own way in developing lean muscles.

Buying benefits and dosages

As this product claims to be the safest method for enhancing lean muscles, this is most often sought by body builders and also by sports person to make use of various medicinal properties of this product. This product falls bit on costlier side and can be brought online from reputed sites.  It is recommended that a person (male) who works out regularly can take 2 capsules per day 20 minutes prior their breakfast.  This recommendation varies from person to person depending on their need for this intake. Also along with developing lean muscles, this product can provide additional benefits of muscle healing benefits, promote protein synthesis, slow aging, reduce risk of some heart diseases, improved blood circulation along with improved stamiana.

Exercise caution on usage

Thought this product claims no proven side effects, it is best to consult with a dietitian or their respective physical trainer to check how much dosage of this spray or pills will be required by individual person. There are various false claims offered by various companies for this product, so exercise caution while buying this product. Make sure you order from the reputed site and choose correct product according to your needs. It is also recommended you take a balanced diet along with this product to get good effects on body composition  and gain lean muscles.