Cook mutton with preferred flavours


Mutton is a very seasoned meat. This has to be marinated well before cooking so that the juiciness remains and it retains the original taste. When it comes to Indian culinary style and tradition, mutton holds a very special position. In every state of India mutton dishes has their own style and recipes. From Awadhi Biriyanis to Kashmir’s Rogan Josh and Mutton Kosha from Bengal; everything has its own distinct taste and flavour. The main ingredients that are used in the recipes are cloves, nutmegs, coriander and cardamom.

If you are looking for mutton recipes then one can get a variety of recipes in any cook book or in online cooking sites. Here are some best mutton dishes which you can try making at home or can try in restaurants.

Hyderbadi Mutton Biryani

This is also known as the KachhiGoshtBiriyani and it has its origin in the kitchen of the Nizams who used to rule India once. This HyderabadiBiriyani is full of fragrance and it is one of the numbers of variations of biriyanis available in India. The best way to cook biriyani is to cook the crude eat with a lot of flavours and then secure it with rice.

Paya-attuKalu Curry

This is a curry which is mainly cooked with lamb feet. Here a thick soup is cooked with rich flavours and mutton is garnished well with spices.

Liver Masala

On the other hand, this one is a comparatively dry dish. This one is a hot favourite in roadside dhabas as they go very well with chapattis or parathas. It is made with mutton liver and blended well with masalas. The meat is delicate and tasty. One can make this spicy if they want.


This is a very popular one when it comes to mutton recipes. It is basically a pan fried lamb curry and the mutton pieces are shredded and cooked with tomato and onion sauce. One should add a lot of spice to make a crispy flavour out of this dish.


This is bread which is actually loaded with minced meat. The source of this dish comes from Mughal cooking style as the rulers used to have this dish long back. At present this meat loaf can be a good option when it comes to dinner.


This dish has a lot of gravy and apart from mutton eggs are also used in this. This is an authentic Mughlai dish where hard boiled eggs are wrapped well with ground meat. Then they are blended well in a zesty sauce to bring the taste.


If you are travelling to Uttar Pradesh, then this dish is a must try. It has salted flavour and the lamb is cooked here with pickles and tomatoes, onions and yogurt is added for extra flavours.

Lamb Vindaloo

This is a very spicy and hot dish where coconut and stew peppers are added to bring the authentic taste of it. This dish has its origin in Goa.

One can try any of these at home.