Anavar – an official steroid for female athletes


Normally females have this concern of excel fat. This is a primary concern for the athletes and bodybuilder as they mandatorily need to have a lean but strong body by shedding that extra fat. Now this is possible by strict diet or consuming steroids. Anavar is one such weight loss steroids for female bodybuilders. It helps them get back in shape with very less or no side effects.

Normally steroids are very strong for women and considered to have many non-reversible side effects. Primary effect becomes the devastation of femininity. But Anavar being a very mild hormone, it has very few side effects as compared to others. If this drug is consumed strictly confining to the recommendations, it doesn’t cause Virilization.

Benefits of Anavar:

  • It helps the female athletes in getting a lean body.
  • It helps in cutting the excess fat thereby leading to weight loss.
  • It helps you gain strength.
  • It controls the metabolic rate with the help of Oxandrolone.
  • It helps in getting a rock solid physique by helping muscles pump in the right shape which is the requirement of every athlete.

Why Anavar is useful for Women over men:

Anavar is mild in nature and so has less side effects as discussed earlier. Women are very sensitive towards hormones and so need very little doses unlike men. Anavar becomes an excellent guide if paired with the right diet for women. Since the requirement of the male’s body is more, they would need a high dosage of the steroid which may not be helpful. Hence this should be preferable consumed by women.

Women have a tendency to gain more subcutaneous fat and so have more trouble in loosing fats as compared to men. This is where Anavar helps. Also, though we need to lose the lean fat, we cannot afford to lose the muscle tissue. Also, this slows down the metabolism which is not recommended. Anavar keeps the balance between this and avoid and grave side effects.

Anavar Dosage guide for Women:

The beginners should be careful and follow the below cycle to really have the difference visible.

Week Anavar ClenbuterolNolvadex

1 10mg/ed 20mcg/ed

2 10mg/ed 40mcg/ed

3 10mg/ed 40mcg/ed

4 10mg/ed 60mcg/ed

5 10mg/ed 60mcg/ed 10mg/ed

6 10mg/ed 80mcg/ed 10mg/ed

7 10mg/ed 80mcg/ed 10mg/ed

8 10mg/ed 100mcg/ed 10mg/ed

It is recommended that if any supplement is used during off season, Clenbuterol or Nolvadex should not be consumed.

Weight loss steroids for female bodybuilders has become very common these days. But choosing the right one is a task. Also, one should strictly follow the schedule and dosages suggested while consuming and should immediately stop if any side effects or abnormalities are observed. Normally women are advised to start with 10mg per day and observe before increasing the dose. Normally this is observed to be sufficient for women.

Anavar helps the athletes in gaining the desired body shape and body. Also, it helps in building stamina and career development with less or no side effects.